Self-Image And Identity

Join Kath Temple, The Success & Happiness Psychologist, for a ground-breaking course that will give you insights and strategies on how to overcome a lack of confidence and confusion around your own identity.

Self-Image And Identity

Our beliefs about ourselves influence confidence, choices and relationships. A positive self-image fosters resilience, growth and success, while a negative one can limit potential.

The gap between self-image and our desired self is where growth becomes a necessity.

Recognising this disparity fuels ambition and drives self-improvement, bridging the divide.

Embracing change, setting goals and taking deliberate steps can align our identity with our aspirations, leading to personal fulfilment.


Course Outline

Week 1 - How self image affects self confidence.

Week 2 - What are the blocks to higher self image?

Week 3 - The prevailing youth culture.

Week 4 - The different phases of a woman’s life.

Week 5 - Archetypal energies.

Week 6 - The different phases of human life.


Self Image And Identity October 2023 Course Outline
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