Nutrition Club

Unlock the secrets of a nutritious diet with this informative class. A journey of food exploration and discovery - with some delicious and flavoursome insights into making mealtimes fun.

Nutrition Club

Claudia, Goldster’s top nutritionist, has a passion for food that’s infectious. In the Wednesday Nutrition club, quite possibly one of the more essential, insightful and life changing classes Goldster has to offer, she will show a rainbow of ways to eat healthily and deliciously with lots of new discoveries and helpful tips.

A journey of exploration into ways to ensure diet is nutritious but also fun!



Recipes For Week 1 Eyes Recipes For Week 2 Lymph Nodes Immunity Recipes For Week 3 Veins And The Circulatory System Recipes For Week 4 Stomach Recipes For Week 5 Bladder Recipes For Week 6 Summary

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Benefits of cooking skills and nutrition knowledge include:

  • Improving dietary choices
  • Eating more vegetables and fruit
  • Cooking at home
  • Social interaction
  • Coping with meals
  • Preventing being underweight
  • Improving cognition.

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Claudia Le Feuvre
Claudia Le Feuvre, Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach, boasts 17 years of clinical experience and teaches at prestigious nutrition colleges. An experienced speaker passionate about accessible nutrition, she has guided hundreds through transformative weight loss journeys, reshaping their relationship with food.
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