Financial Health

Secure your financial well-being with expert insights and guidance.

Financial Health

Led by Natalie Cargill, a financial expert with a comprehensive background in banking, mortgages, and personal finance, our Financial Health Class offers invaluable insights into optimising your financial well-being. Explore various financial products, understand mortgages, and gain knowledge on pensions, investments, and debt management. This class aims to empower you with the confidence to make informed financial decisions and achieve your financial goals. 


Course Schedule


Week 1

Fundamentals of Financial Wellbeing

"Class Summary
- Understanding the importance of financial health
- Assessing your current financial situation
- Setting financial goals for the future


Week 2

Mastering Budgets and Expenses

"Class Summary
- Creating a personal budget
- Tracking and managing expenses
- Tips for saving money on daily expenses


Week 3

Navigating Debt and Improving Credit

"Class Summary
- Understanding different types of debt
- Strategies for managing and reducing debt
- Importance of credit scores and how to improve them


Week 4

Retirement Planning and Social Security

"Class Summary
- Planning for retirement and determining retirement goals
- Understanding Social Security benefits and eligibility
- Exploring additional retirement savings and options


Week 5

Estate Planning for Financial Protection


Week 6

Investment Essentials for Beginners


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Natalie Cargill
Natalie Cargill is a seasoned financial wellness educator, leveraging her extensive experience as a personal banker and mortgage advisor to empower individuals towards financial stability and growth. Accredited by the Institute of Professional Will Writers and knowledgeable in the utilities sector, Natalie and her network offer comprehensive insights into managing personal finances, savings, and investments. Her classes break down complex financial products and strategies into understandable, actionable advice, fostering informed decision-making.  At Goldster, Natalie's Financial Health Class is a testament to her commitment to financial education, aimed at demystifying the financial landscape for all levels of learners. With a focus on practical, everyday financial management and an engaging teaching style, she guides Goldster members on a journey toward financial empowerment, ensuring they're equipped to achieve their personal and community well-being goals.
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