The Goldster Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Rebecca Tinsley Author of When the Stars Fall To Earth
11 June 2024

All of us, at some stage, find ourselves faced with impossible choices or in some form of conflict from which there seems no way out. The choices we make affect our families, the  people we love and our lives. Rebecca Tinsley understands these challenges first-hand from her life helping others in the developing world. Her passion for fairness and her personal mission to end suffering began as a teenager when she campaigned against South Africa’s apartheid. Sinc then she has worked as a journalist and lawyer on war and human rights drawing lessons that stretch from Auschwitz to Bosnia to Sudan.

Her geographical area of expertise is Africa. She is particularly knowledgeable on genocide and understanding why people do what they do. She has twice stood to be a member of parliament and continues to work a speech writer for politicians whose values she shares. She is the founder of Network for Africa and a campaign group for Sudan, Waging Peace, which has produced stunning compilation of children’s pictures of their own experience of conflict. Her novel, When the Stars Fall to Earth, is based around the long conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region which began in 2003. Join Rebecca Tinsley with Humphrey Hawksley in a compelling conversation about human choices and moving on from catastrophe.

The Goldster Magazine Show 1pm June 11th 2024.