The Goldster Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Peter Hacker Author of The Moral Powers
18 June 2024

What does it mean to be human? Here is a question many of us ask ourselves and from it comes thoughts about morality, freedom, good and evil, ambition, passion, religion and more. Peter Hacker is a leading philosopher, unafraid at slaying myths. He has written four books about human nature, looking deeply into the neuroscience of how we all think and live. They deal with many of these issues that turn in our minds throughout our lives and are the culmination of half a century of studying and teaching philosophy. His latest is simply called The Moral Powers: A Study of Human Nature. Matthew Syed of The Sunday Times describes Peter as one of the world’s greatest philosophers who analyses human emotions throughout the ages. What do we actually think of ourselves, our relationship to others and our place in the world? Admired for demolishing establishment thinking and taking to task his peers, Peter has been described as the most subtle and penetrating philosopher of the age. We are privileged to have him as guest on the Goldster Magazine Show. Join Peter Hacker with Humphrey Hawksley at 1pm on Tuesday June 18th