The Goldster Magazine Show

with Robert Lee Kilpatrick

05 March 2024

Health and well-being specialist, Dr Robert Lee Kilpatrick, has spent a career working on the science around preventative healthcare and well-being. He is a founding partner at Technology Vision Group LLC which advises clients on strategic development issues. His two current projects are a book The Future of Human Care: Health Innovation and Social Impact and a six-part documentary film and book, Paradigm Shift: A Wellness Revolution.

As a Strategic Development Advisor to Scientific American in New York City, Robert helped create a media project The New Science of Wellness, which was sponsored by Google and Phenome Health. He is now engaged with Scientific American on another media project,Healthspan: Living Better Longer. He is a Strategic Advisor to Nature Portfolio in London, developing a global project, Building Sustainable Healthcare Systems, specifically aimed at transforming healthcare from a focus on disease to one on wellness and prevention.

From 2022-23, he was an Academic Visitor at Oxford University’s Martin School and St Antony’s College where he advised on live sciences. Many years earlier, he earned his doctorate at Cambridge where he was a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow. Join Robert Kilpatrick on the Goldster Magazine Show when Humphrey Hawksley will ask about his personal story and the changing attitudes over the years toward how we can all be healthier and feel more upbeat. Are doctors really changing their minds. Goldster Magazine Show with Robert and Humphrey at 7pm London time Tuesday March 5th 2024.