The Goldster Magazine Show with Humphrey

with Glenda Benevides Author of Courage
02 July 2024

If you are alive and breathing, you are growing no matter what you believe or what is happening. Embracing yourself as who you are is a key factor in being able to move anything forward, an empowered manifestation of the honest YOU. Such is the Goldster Conversation we will be having with the great Glenda Benevides, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter who has now written a book called Courage: Find Your Fire and Ignite Your Action in Life. Critics have described is a sweet step-by-step coaching book. It coaches you to find yourself and to be you. This writer writes in a way that is kind, sympathetic, and easy-to-read. It sounds like a mother guiding her child through any process. Critics have praised her writing for his hope and inspiration, a sermon of empowerment, enlightenment and building bridges of understanding all wrapped in powerful self-expression that moves the reader from feet to head.

Glenda’s character pounds through her writing and music weaving together her deep understanding of human emotions and universal truths that binds us all together. Also come find out about the Global Badass Goddess. Meet Glenda Benevides with Humphrey Hawksley on the Goldster Magazine Show at special time 7pm Tuesday July 2nd 2024 – because Glenda is in California.