Inside Story with Lucinda

with Shelly Powers Author of Elvis Remembered

03 November 2023

When Shelly Powers was 7 years old, she told her mother that she’d marry Elvis Presley when she grew up. She did just that ― although her Elvis was an impersonator, a tribute artist she met in Las Vegas. However, over her 12 years of living in Vegas, Shelly became involved with Elvis International, where one of her roles was to interview Elvis’s friends and associates. Her first interview was with his personal photographer, Ed Bonja. What started as one interview became many more, and from those grew friendships with people in Elvis’s circle. 

Now Shelly has published a book, Elvis Remembered in which each of the 11 of Elvis’s intimates has a great story. On 3 November, Shelly will be joining Lucinda Hawksley to reveal some of those stories and to talk about her own journey to create the book. This special Goldster event is an absolute must for all fans of ‘the King’, and for everyone who wants to hear a really unusual insiders’ Inside Story! Come along and be part of the Goldster Conversation.


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