Inside Story with Lucinda

with Sarah Bax Horton Author of One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the real Jack the Ripper

14 September 2023

In early 2017, Sarah Bax Horton made the chance discovery through family history research that her great-great grandfather was a Metropolitan Police sergeant who worked on the Jack the Ripper case. This discovery inspired her to write a book in his honour, based on a theory dating from the time of the murders. 

In the early 20th century, CID Chief Robert Anderson went public with a declaration that the police had identified the Ripper but failed a build a firm prosecution case against him. Anderson provided specific information about a Polish Jewish man, who was a true East Ender and who suffered from fits of violence.  Using profiling techniques, Bax Horton’s research uncovered a new prime suspect, Hyam Hyams, who had the same distinctive physical characteristics as were reported by eye-witnesses in the minutes before the Ripper murders. His medical file provides a compelling physical and psychological match to Anderson’s perpetrator.

Find out more in the Goldster Inside Story on 14 September as Sarah Bax Horton talks to Lucinda about her fascinating research and what it was like to write the book, One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the real Jack the Ripper


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