Inside Story with Humphrey

with Jane Thynne Live from Riverstone Author of Queen High

21 April 2023

Widowland and Queen High are a publishing phenomenon and among the most critically-acclaimed novels of recent years. Widowland, set in 1953, has been described as the most important feminist novel for decades and tells of an alternate history where instead of Nazi defeat, there has been a Grand Alliance between Great Britain and Germany. The much-awaited sequel is Queen High, set in 1955. President Eisenhower is about to make a state visit and a paranoid Queen Wallis Simpson summons fearless, plucky protagonist Rose Ransom to Buckingham Palace for a briefing.

Queen High has already been listed as Book of the Year for the Guardian, Telegraph and Financial Times. The author C. J. Carey is a pseudonym for the real-life best-selling novelist Jane Thynne who among her many works is creator of the gripping Clara Vine series. An attractive young Anglo-German actress arrives in 1930s Berlin to find herself in world of rising Nazism, terrifying secrets and torn loyalties and love. Jane the widow of the late Philip Kerr the creator of the hugely successful Bernie Gunther series of the same Nazi era, now being developed for television by Tom Hanks. In this very special Goldster Inside Story, Humphrey Hawksley will be in conversation with Jane Thynne live at the Riverstone Theatre on the banks of the River Thames in London. Hear what happened the night Tom Hanks came to dinner, how Jane creates plots, character and her alternative history and much, much more. 12.00 UK time, Friday April 21st on our usual Zoom and at Riverstone Fulham. For Goldster tickets e-mail