Inside Story with Humphrey

with J. R. Seeger Author of Mike 4

09 November 2023

John R. Seeger is a retired Senior Intelligence Service officer who was with the CIA for more than twenty years, leading small teams on many dangerous operations. In 2001, he went in Afghanistan after the Nine Eleven attacks on the United States in an operation captured in the Netflix documentary Spy Ops. On his final 3-year assignment at CIA headquarters, he worked as a chief of operations for a geographic division in the Directorate of Operations and then as a deputy director and deputy chief of the CIA Counterterrorism Centre. Since retirement, J. R. Seeger, as he is known, has set up training courses and given lectures on counter terrorism and other issues involving intelligence work.

He is also the author of the highly acclaimed Mike 4 thriller series about a family who have been part of the special operations and intelligence community from World War II to the present and of his Steampunk Raj historical fiction series with the latest A School for the Great Game. “If you like good tales of the shadowy, often hard-edged world of counter-terrorism, read Mike 4! Written by a veteran of ‘the community,’ it will teach while it entertains.” praises General Stanley McChrystal, while former CIA officer John Sipher says, “Seeger has developed enduring characters who allow him to explore issues related to war, family and betrayal.” Join J.R. Seeger with Humphrey Hawksley for a revealing Goldster Inside Story on spying and war at 12.00 Thursday November 9th 2023.