Inside Story with Humphrey

with Dan Kaszeta Author of Toxic

03 August 2023

Dan Kaszeta is a specialist in defence against chemical, biological, and radiological weapons and warfare. Although he has lived in London since 2008, the first part of his career was in the United States where he was commissioned in the US Army’s small but highly skilled Chemical Corps. In 1996 he took up the post of Disaster Preparedness Advisor at the White House Military Office, where he had responsibility for chemical and biological preparedness and training for the office of the President. After the 9/11 attacks and the anthrax terrorism, the responses to which he was heavily involved in, Dan transferred to the US Secret Service, where he joined the team protecting the President and the White House complex from chemical and biological threats. Usually working in secret behind the scenes, Dan has been thrust into public spotlight when the government banned him from speaking at a chemical weapons conference because some years back he had tweeted something against the government on Brexit.

In an enthralling and wide ranging Goldster Conversation, Dan will discuss his book Toxic: The History of Nerve Agents from Nazi Germany to Putin’s Russia, his campaign about the government blacklisting the advice of experts who disagree with it and his new book The Forest Brotherhood: Baltic Resistance Against the Nazis and the Soviets. Join Dan with Humphrey Hawksley on Inside Story Thursday August 3rd 2023.