Inside Story with Humphrey

with Robin Dreeke Author of Sizing People Up, The Code of Trust and It’s Not All About Me

03 March 2023

Robin Dreeke is a people person. He knows how to judge, win over, recruit and build relationships that are less transactional and more collaborative. For many years he worked for America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI and became head of its elite Behavioral Analysis Program, a  Counterintelligence Division tasked with uncovering threats within the United States. He has combined law enforcement systems with his own techniques to build a tool-kit for networking and communication that show you how to win the day whether you are in a corporate board meeting or untangling thorny issues on the committee of the village flower show. His books include Sizing People Up, The Code of Trust and It’s Not All About Me which lays out ten steps for building quick rapport with anyone. He will tell us about his understanding of human nature.  Robin Dreeke will tell of the moment of crisis when he had no idea how long-standing colleagues around him would react. Would they run, hide, help?  And how people kept much of themselves private, hiding steely courage until they really needed to show it. Or the opposite.  Each of us has a myriad of relationships and, in conversation with Humphrey Hawksley,  Robin Dreeke will show how he uses his FBI experience to help predict and adjust to other people’s behavior and give us all an essential course in how best to get out there, meet people, socialize and – what the Americans call – network. Join us on Goldster Inside Story Friday March 3rd at 12.00 U.K. time.