Inside Story with Humphrey

with Maxim Jakubowski Author of The Mammoth Book of Erotica

29 December 2022

What do Erotica and Sherlock Holmes have in common?  Find out in Goldster’s amazing end of year Inside Story with the legendary Maxim Jakubowski, the mastermind of The Mammoth Book of Erotica, the creator of The Return of Sherlock Holmes, the compiler of numerous anthologies and currently chair of the Crime Writers’ Association with its Red Herrings magazine and array of Dagger awards. And that is far from all in Maxim Jakubowski’s incredible career. For many years he was a top book publishing editor dealing with titles by authors as diverse as William Golding, Peter Ustinov and Sophie Grigson. 

He also owned the Murder One Bookshop for twenty years, ran the Crime Scene film and literary festival, edited Sex in the City, has been a columnist for Time Out and the Guardian and next year will be the executive producer on the TV series Factory based on the novels of his late friend Derek Raymond.  

Sex and crime are themes that run compellingly entwined through Maxim Jakubowski’s vast body of work which he will festively and tastefully discuss with Humphrey Hawksley at 12.00 Thursday December 29th 2022.  What a Goldster feast this will be. Please join us for the New Year Inside Story special.