Inside Story Live at Riverstone with Lucinda

with Rory Cellan-Jones Author of Ruskin Park

05 October 2023

Rory Cellan-Jones became a much-loved household name as the BBC Technology Correspondent. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson in 2019, he has pioneered a greater understanding of the disease among all of us with his articles and the illuminating and moving podcast Movers and Shakers. Fellow Parkinson colleagues such as Jeremy Paxman, Mark Mardell and Sir Nicholas Mostyn show how different personalities face up to setbacks. Rory is the best-selling author of Always On – Hope and Fear in the Smartphone Era and his new book, Ruskin Park; Sylvia, Me and the BBC, tells his own tender and troubling story. After his mother’s death, he discovered a file labelled ‘For Rory…in the hope that it will help him understand how it really was.’ He was the child of a love affair between two BBC employees and his mother Sylvia, single parented two sons in a one-bedroom flat while working full time.

In this inspiring and moving Goldster Inside Story meet Rory in conversation with Lucinda Hawksley to hear about understanding technology, living with Parkinson’s and discovering secrets from childhood and how all that makes you the person you are. Can we ever really know the truth about our parents? This is a live in-audience Goldster Conversation at the Riverstone Theatre in Fulham. To come along e-mail 12.00 Thursday October 5th 2023.