Inside Story with Lucinda

with Lisa Edwards Author of Dark Horses Ride

04 May 2023

A welcome return to Goldster for Lisa Edwards to talk about her latest memoir. After swapping a high-flying job in London for freelance life in India, Lisa struggled to control the tide of emotions that hit her as the dark horses of menopause descended. She began to question whether her new life – living the dream in a seaside village with a younger man – was all she hoped it would be.

When the pandemic hit, Lisa decided that the universe had made the decision for her and, back in England, she fell for the charms of a man her own age. However, she discovered he as not who he appeared to be and was forced to confront her dark horses alone when her health and hormones threatened to derail the new life she had built for herself.

This is a story of midlife reinvention, of friendships, relationships and a working life all put to the test by the seismic effects of menopause. But it is also a story of love and homecoming. It is about the healing power of walking in nature, the therapeutic process of writing, and one woman’s determination to redefine what success and happiness look like. Join Lisa and Lucinda on 4 May for the Inside Story.  

Instagram: @redwoods1