Inside Story with Humphrey

with Lena Sisco Author of Honest Answers: Interview and Negotiation Skills to Get the Truth

02 March 2023

Goldster Inside Story is thrilled to welcome back former American naval interrogator Lena Sisco with her new book Honest Answers: Interview and Negotiation Skills to Get the Truth.  No matter the conversation, whether with friends, family, the community or colleagues, cementing trust, detecting honesty and persuading others, to be honest are some of the most valuable skills you can possess. Goldster is passionate about coaxing people to interact and socialise, thus contributing to their healthy living.


It is important not to feel unheard and to have the confidence to ask questions and for yourself to be an engaging conversationalist. Lena honed her skills within the hard, high-stakes military environment during the War on Terror. She now transfers them to our everyday lives and offers a five-step program on human interaction. In any situation, when you gain someone’s trust, you can get the truth. Lena teaches how to create an environment of trust; control the signals that you might be inadvertently sending to others on confidence, high-handedness, friendliness and so on; use the right words in a disagreement in order to create a win-win situation. By learning some of this, you can stay in control of the conversations you have and your relationship with others.


Join Lena Sisco in conversation with Humphrey Hawksley on Goldster Inside Story Thursday, March 2nd 2023.