Goldster Conversations: Purpose, Passion, Grit with Humphrey

with Roger Leslie Author of Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul

02 January 2024

“Quite early, I came to terms with the fact that I was gay,” explains Goldster Purpose, Passion and Grit guest, Roger Leslie.  “But as a spiritual person, I assumed that my sexual orientation meant that I was fundamentally flawed and would have to live without love.  That terrifying revelation directed me toward an unprecedented journey that opened my life and elevated my destiny. My determination to live— and love—lit my path on the journey that redefined my life, showed me what mettle I was made of, and revealed to me my soul.”  Roger Leslie, a highly acclaimed author and international speaker, has just released his debut memoir Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul, that is a riveting testament of the challenges and tribulations for anyone who identifies life within the LGTBQ community and strives for equality in human spirit.

Roger will talk movingly about the emotional rollercoaster of living life in a gay marriage where they have been judged and forced to overcome challenges brought on by views of society. But ultimately being together became a celebration despite all obstacles. This is a story about the struggle to reconcile his sexuality with his religious, explores his journey of rediscovering the God of love he learned about as a child, a powerful testament to hope, healing, and self-discovery in the face of prejudice and adversity. Join Roger in this poignant Goldster Conversation with Humphrey Hawksley on Purpose, Passion and Grit 12.00 Tuesday January 2nd 2024.