Goldster Conversations: Inside Story with Lucinda

with Rachel Trethewey Author of Mothers of the Mind

12 January 2024

Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, and Sylvia Plath are three of our most famous authors. In her new book, Rachel Trethewey tells the story of the remarkable mothers who shaped these amazing women, through first-hand testimony and rigorous research.


Julia Stephen, Clara Miller, and Aurelia Plath were fascinating women in their own rights, and their relationships with their daughters were exceptional; they profoundly influenced the writers’ lives, literature, and attitude to feminism. Mothers of the Mind charts their complex, often contradictory, bond and offers a new perspective.


Rachel Trethewey read History at Oxford University, where she won the Philip Geddes Prize for student journalism. She has a PhD in English, is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and recently received the Antonia Fraser Award from the Society of Authors for a biography of a woman or women for Mothers of the Mind. She will be joining Lucinda Hawksley on 11 January; join them and be part of the Goldster Conversation.