Goldster Conversations: Inside Story with Lucinda

with Lee Jackson Author of Dickensland

17 November 2023

In his new book Dickensland: The Curious History of Dickens’s London, Lee Jackson traces the fascinating history of Dickensian tourism. He explores both the reality and myths of ‘Dickens’s London’ – from vanishing coaching inns to submerged riverside stairs, hidden burial grounds to apocryphal shops – as well as the manufactured worlds of film, television, even a Dickens theme park. Dickensland takes readers on a journey that is simultaneously real and imaginary, navigating the peculiar hinterlands where fact meets fiction.

Dr Lee Jackson is a well-known expert on Victorian London. His other books include Dirty Old London, Walking Dickens’ London, and Palaces of Pleasure. Lee has lectured on Victorian topics for libraries and museums throughout London and is an academic advisor to the Charles Dickens Museum. On 17 November, he’ll be joining Goldster presenter and Dickens descendant Lucinda Hawksley for the Inside Story. Join them at 12pm.


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