Goldster Conversations: Inside Story

with Lelita Baldock Author of The Bakers Secret

16 February 2024

A World War Two historical fiction The Baker’s Secret centres on the experiences of Zenta and Estere, two sisters living in Riga Old Town. As their lives are torn apart by Russian occupation and Nazi invasion, the sisters struggle to survive alongside the people of their city. As the war comes to its fateful climax, they are forced to make an impossible choice. To save a child, one sister must flee, while the other must stay behind. The secret of what happens next will endure for generations. But the truth won’t stay hidden forever…

Lelita Baldock was born and raised in Australia, before moving to the UK in 2018. Granddaughter to a Latvian War refugee, The Baker’s Secret is drawn from the real life experience of her family and explores the lesser-known story of the people of Latvia during this life-changing period of history.