Goldster Conversations: Author to Author with Humphrey

with Lord Richard Dannatt Author of Victory To Defeat

06 December 2023

Lord Richard Dannatt was a soldier for forty years concluding his military career as Chief of the General Staff – the professional head of the British Army. Since retiring from active duty in 2009, he was Constable of the Tower of London until July 2016. In 2011 he became an independent member of the House of Lords.

His military career began in 1971 with a first tour of duty in Belfast as a platoon commander. During his second tour of duty, also in Northern Ireland, he was awarded the Military Cross. In 1977, however he suffered a major stroke, taking two years to recover. His commanding officer encouraged him to stay, and Lord Dannatt went onto hold the Army’s highest military rank.

Lord Dannatt is the author of two high-praised books, his autobiography, Leading from the Front and his latest he co-authored Victory to Defeat: The British Army 1918-1940. Join Lord Dannatt in the special Goldster Author-to-Author with Humphrey Hawksley at the evening time of 6pm, Wednesday December 6th 2023.