Inside Story with Humphrey

with Adam Le Bor Author of Dohaney Street

26 November 2021

Humphrey welcomes back Adam LeBor, his first ever Goldster Book Club guest last year when they  celebrated the life of John Le Carre. Adam is the author of eight non-fiction and six fiction books ranging from true crime with Hitlers Secret Bankers to fictional thriller noir with his much-acclaimed Balthazar Kovacs Danube Blues detective series set in Hungary where Adam lived for many years.

In their wide-ranging conversation, Humphrey and Adam will mark the launch of Dohany Street, the latest in the series which begins with the disappearance of a young Israeli historian researching what happened to the assets of the Hungarian Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Adam has been praised for deftly blending fiction with non-fiction, giving his story-telling deep credibility. His hero, Balthazar Kovacs, has been described as a ‘terrific character’, not least because he comes from the minority Roma Gypsy community. The previous in the series, Kossuth Square, was named a Times Book of the Month.

Before becoming an author, Adam was a reporter on many Fleet Street newspapers writing stories which ranged from seeking London’s best dry Martini to investigating Nazi war criminals who found sanctuary in Britain. He then became a foreign correspondent, mostly based in Hungary, covering the collapse of European communism and the conflicts stemming from the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s as well as hair-raising crises all over the world. He now is a writing coach and editorial trainer as well as thriller critic for the Financial Times, picking out the best thriller of the season and, always, with an eye for new talent.

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