Practical Setting Goals And Intentions

Transform your health with practical, achievable fitness and wellness strategies.

Practical Setting Goals And Intentions

The Practical Group, led by acclaimed Personal Trainer Tim Harris and his dynamic team, focuses on translating fitness and wellness goals into tangible results. This group champions a functional approach to health, blending physical exercises, practical nutrition advice, and strategies for emotional well-being.  


With science-backed information delivered in a straightforward manner, Tim Harris ensures that each member is equipped to achieve their personal health objectives. The Practical Group is perfect for those seeking to integrate effective, everyday health and fitness routines into their lives, supported by a community that motivates and inspires. 

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Tim Harris
Tim Harris is a Level 3+ Personal Trainer and accredited in the treatment of injuries and pre- and post-natal management. Tim has been coaching and training clients of all ages professionally for many years and prides himself on offering sessions that cater to all abilities. “Progression not Perfection.”
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