Optimal Setting Goals And Intentions

Reach your peak wellness with advanced health strategies for the ultimate well-being experience.

Optimal Setting Goals And Intentions

Guided by Claudia Le Feuvre and the dedicated Goldster Clinical team, the Optimal Group is tailored for individuals pursuing the pinnacle of health and wellness. This cutting-edge group provides access to the latest in nutritional science, high-performance fitness, and innovative mental health strategies, all designed to elevate members to their highest state of well-being.  


Claudia Le Feuvre's leadership ensures a comprehensive and advanced approach to wellness, offering cutting-edge techniques and insights for achieving peak physical, mental, and emotional vitality. The Optimal Group represents the peak of personal health achievement, aimed at advanced health enthusiasts committed to realising their ultimate wellness goals. 


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Claudia Le Feuvre
Claudia Le Feuvre, Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach, boasts 17 years of clinical experience and teaches at prestigious nutrition colleges. An experienced speaker passionate about accessible nutrition, she has guided hundreds through transformative weight loss journeys, reshaping their relationship with food.
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