Goldster Clinic: Chronic Pain Q&A

Join Lee Pycroft and Professor Alf Collins for a deep dive into chronic pain management, shared experiences, and community support.

Goldster Clinic: Chronic Pain Q&A

Join us for a pivotal session introducing the Goldster Clinic for Chronic Pain, as Lee Pycroft sits down with guest Professor Alf Collins, a leading expert in pain management, on Monday, 26th February from 4-5pm. This special interview will delve into Professor Collins' extensive experience and personal dedication to understanding chronic pain, providing a platform for open dialogue and community connection. Attendees are invited to participate, sharing their own stories and questions on living with chronic pain, in a nurturing and open environment.

This session, led by Lee Pycroft, promises an insightful exploration into the complexities of chronic pain, through the lens of Professor Collins' professional journey and the broader impacts of pain on individuals' lives. It's a unique opportunity for the Goldster community to come together, offering support, gaining knowledge, and understanding the multifaceted nature of chronic pain management in a compassionate setting.

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