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Discover the art of Feng Shui online, harmonising your space for balance, prosperity, and peace with expert guidance.

Feng Shui

If you think this course is about furniture placement, think again…  because Feng Shui is way more relevant and interesting than that!

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction? Quantum physics? Cutting edge science? Positive and negative energy vibes we all give out? Chi flow? Well it seems none of it was much of a secret to the Chinese 4,000+ years ago! They understood energy flow and the inter-connectedness of life and very neatly summed it up in the Yin and Yang symbol and Ba Gua. Feng Shui was created as a way to focus attention on the energy in our surroundings, clear it of negativity and direct it powerfully toward a desired outcome. It was widely used then and still is in many Asian countries.

In the West these days we are increasingly appreciating how much we create our experiences in life by what we think about and the choices we make. As the sayings go: ‘Where attention goes, energy flows…’. And everything is energy. Everything. That energy emits a vibrational frequency that in your home resonates and harmonizes with the people who live there. It’s held in the very fabric of the walls and possessions, and it’s why we can experience so much resistance to throwing stuff out, or sometimes feel as though we’ve just got to get out!

Modern science teaches us we are more than our physical bodies, we are all energy fields interacting daily with a myriad of other energy fields, and just as clearing that field through relaxation, exercise or massage is hugely beneficial, so is de-cluttering our immediate environment. In fact, we can not only clear our energy fields we can read them too, because everything around us is a reflection of what’s going on in us, whether physically or mentally.

Feng Shui (rhymes with fun and play) teaches us we don’t only impact our world for better or worse, this world brings messages to us, in the same way our emotions do. When we pay attention and know how to interpret these messages they can show us how to stay on course to happiness. In Feng Shui life energy is known as Chi and its alignment is referred to as our Tao, Life Path or Journey. By creating a home that resonates perfectly with your Tao, you create a place of calm and inspiration, your own retreat… in this course that’s exactly what you’re going to learn, in a uniquely fun way!


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Viv Lambert
Hi I’m Viv, founder of My Feng Shui Coach, dedicated home improver, enthusiastic energy worker and Law of Attraction devotee. I’m on a mission to help people live in a home that both reflects and attracts the life they want to live by appreciating the messages it gives. Following a career in social work and after qualifying in NLP and working as a life coach, I trained in the Black Hat (Intuitive) School of Feng Shui almost 20 years ago when I realised that this ancient art was actually about the Law of Attraction and an incredibly useful tool. I’m now delighted to have an opportunity to share this amazing discovery with you! 
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