The Goldster Book Club

Who doesn't love reading a good book? Our Book Club shows you how much more you could enjoy finding out about your favourite classic novel or that current controversial bestseller – such as the author's reasons for writing it, the issues raised within it and the often lively debates that follow its publication. This is why, every Thursday and Friday, the Goldster Book Club takes you behind the curtains of the literary world. With the help of two well-known and well-connected authors, we'll put you in touch with great reads you may not have thought of, and insightful authors you may not have heard of – as well as those already on your wish list. We'll also reveal secrets such as how The Times crime critic whittles down a summer shortlist, or how a leading publisher deals with a superstar like Elton John. We alternate between live book discussions and live author interviews (or chats with people inside the publishing industry). Our Book Club is designed to keep the mind active and to give the soul a lift, which in turn helps you to age more healthily – the whole ethos behind Goldster.


Humphrey is an award-winning foreign correspondent, whose BBC assignments have taken him to crises all over the world. He is also the best-selling author of both fiction and non-fiction titles. One, Dragonfire, outsold Harry Potter when published in India. His non-fiction Asian Waters tackles the rise of China, and his latest thriller Man on Fire originated when reporting from America’s remote border with Russia.


Lucinda is the author of more than twenty books, including three biographies and titles on travel, art history, social history and literary history. Her latest book is Letters of Great Women. She is also a public speaker, TV and radio broadcaster, university lecturer and an award-winning travel writer. A bonus literary endorsement is that Lucinda is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles and Catherine Dickens.


The Inside Story

Have you ever wished that you were a fly on the wall listening to your favourite authors chatting among themselves about their books and ideas, or laughing about their experiences? Or been curious about the publishing world that prints and promotes the best sellers we love? Every fortnight, our Inside Story feature, previously called the Book Chat, brings a famous author, translator or publisher to talk to our two in-house authors and presenters, Lucinda Hawksley and Humphrey Hawksley. Authors of thrillers and murder mysteries alternate with historians, journalists and critics. We sometimes have the chance to meet the authors themselves whose books we have discussed or intend to discuss. Join us for an hour on alternate Fridays, and put forward the questions you've been dying to ask.

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